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Spears Odyssey: A Novel

Spears Odyssey  follows the exploits of a nineteen-year-old boy named Chris, who ventures out beyond the familiar and daringly enters the Navy. After boot camp he is assigned to a Navy electronics school in Virginia. When Chris reports to Electronics School, he learns he is transferred to the U.S.S Spears, which  becomes the instrument of an odyssey from naiveté to maturity.

On his months-long journey, he is schooled in the various aspects of shipboard life.  From fellow sailors, he learns about life in other regions of the United States. He finally has his first, successful sexual encounter while in Scotland. Having learned and discovered so much, Chris still remains unaware that major problems are coming his way. Is he truly ready for them? The outcome awaits readers.

Flying Blind

Flight Officer–Service Pilot Roger Caron joined the army air force even though he was too old to be drafted; flying was the focus of his life. Earlier, he had met a young girl named Lorraine, who worked her way into his heart.

Although he was married and loved his wife Lorraine very much, his passion for aviation often kept them apart. This was the case in the middle of World War II when he joined the army air force and was sent to war in the China, Burma, and India (CBI) theater of operations. It was just another separation of many, made bearable because he would be flying—and flying was in his blood.

After spending many months enduring the hazards of war, life back home reached across the seas and grabbed Caron. His wife Lorraine was gravely ill. After enduring the challenging flight back to the U.S., his wife’s brother said that nothing could be done for her. How can Caron move forward when all he ever had was lost?
Find out in Kenneth L. Chastain Jr.’s Flying Blind.

Fly Me to Brazil

Scott has been single for a long time. While perusing an Internet matching site, he is contacted by a woman from Brazil. Though for the life of him, he cannot imagine why someone from such a distant place would be remotely interested in him.

Curious, he begins a long-distance conversation, albeit cautiously. He learns that her name is Juliana. Beyond that, she is a woman of mystery-exciting but unknown.

Over many months of online conversations, he decides to visit Juliana in her country. This decision opened a door of adventures that he delightfully embarked on as he finds out more about this intriguing woman and the exotic country where she comes from.

The experience exposes him to the richness of the tropical land, the fascinating history of Brazil and their rousing passion for everything from coffee to food and the Brazilian futebol. He discovers about Brazil’s rich immigration history and life in today’s emerging middle class. Will their blooming relationship remain as colorful as the culture of this South American country?

Captivating and truly heartwarming, Fly Me to Brazil will capture the readers’ hearts and let them catch a glimpse of the rich and enthralling culture of Brazil.

Brasileira, The Lady From Brazil

Brasileira, The Lady From Brasil is a novel of internet romance realized and its resulting personal and immigration challenges.  Scott Russell previously met a Brazilian lady, Juliana, online and made several trips to Brazil where he not only got to know her family and culture but fell in love as well.  A retired and divorced Californian, Scott had to overcome his marriage anxiety before finally proposing. This is all told in flashbacks.

After obtaining a tourist visa, Juliana makes her first trip to California. Once the two are settled in Scott’s apartment, he leads Juliana on a mission of discovery. He shows her the California sights, tells her some of its history and introduces her to Cara, his daughter. His aim, to show Juliana his world and a whole new way of life.

A paper chase ensues in struggling through the lengthy, expensive, and bureaucratic immigration process. When it is finally over, the two lovebirds celebrate. Scott raises his glass in toast. “Well, honey, we’ve made it through some very challenging times. I just want you to know I love you and truly believe it was all worth it. I wish us to be always together.” They agree, with all the time, cost, and effort they’d put in, they had little empathy for anyone entering the country illegally.

Complicating the situation, Scott finds out his daughter’s new boyfriend entered the country illegally.

Brasileira, The Lady From Brasil is a story of the challenges faced by two lovers from different countries and what they must endure to live together.